García-Nieto accesit in the VIII UMA Research Awards with the article "Optimal Cycle Program of Traffic Lights With Particle Swarm Optimization"

Cope "La Tarde":Radio Interview to E. Alba

Best PhD Thesis in DOCTORAL AWARDS of University of Málaga to J. Durillo

RNE1 - Radio Interview to E. Alba

PhD Thesis of Ferrer Urbano, Stolfi Rosso, and García-Nieto, finalists in Thesis in 3 Minutes

Second Prize Doctoral Consortium 2013 of AEPIA to J. Toutouh

Best PhD Thesis Prize of ANI Uruguay to S. Nesmachnow

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maxCT: Movilidad Inteligente: Wifi, Rutas y Contaminacion


roadMe: Fundamentals for Real World Applications of Metaheuristics: The vehicular case
TIN2008-06491-C04-01 (2009-2011)
M*: Multidisciplinar Multiobjective Metaheuristics TIN2008-06491-C04-01 (2009-2011)
DIRICOM: Diseño Inteligente de Redes Inalámbricas de Comunicación P07-TIC-03044 (2008-2012)
CARLINK: Wireless Traffic Service Platform for Linking Cars FIT-330225-2007-1 (2006-2009)

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Mexico 2011
IPN and CINVESTAV, Nov. 2011, Mexico (by Enrique Alba)
NEO research in Malaga
NEO - Bioinspired Computing, Telecoms, VANETs, Software
NEO research in Malaga
NEO - Red Swarm: Smart Mobility in Cities with EAs. D. H. Stolfi
NEO research in Malaga
Tesis en 3 Minutos - Daniel H. Stolfi

NEO research in Malaga
Tesis en 3 minutos - Javier Ferrer

NEO research in Malaga
Tesis en 3 minutos - José M. García-Nieto

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