Dynamic Royal Road Function

Used in: [FMRR08][PCR08][YWW+08][YT08]

Royal road functions (Mitchell, Forrest, and Holland, 1992) constitute a class of fitness landscapes. A royal road function is defined in terms of various landscape features; for this purpose, a schema tree is typically used, where a block size and a block length must be defined. The difficulty of these functions rely on the formation of plateaus in the fitness landscape.

The fitness of a binary string x is defined as:

ƒ(x) = ∑s ∈ S csσs(x)

where cs is the value assigned to schema s and σs(x) is 1 if x is an instance of schema s, 0 otherwise.

The dynamic problem can be defined as a generalization of the static one, where the schemas change over time.

ƒ(x, t) = ∑s ∈ S csσs(x, t)

The severity can be controlled with the degree of changed bits in each schema.

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