RED ANDALUZA DE INVESTIGACIÓN EN ALGORITMOS EVOLUTIVOS Y BIOINSPIRADOS (RADI-AEB). Research network including gruops from Andalucia (Spain) whose objetive is to develope and apply evolutionary and bioinspired algorithms to the social and productive environment.

  European Network of Excellence in Evolutionary Computing. EvoNet aims to foster innovation, training and technology transfer, and to provide a comprehensive information service for the field of evolutionary computing.

  ISGEC combined the International Society for Genetic Algorithms and the Genetic Programming conference organization into one organization, in order to: operate an annual Genetic and Evolutionary Computation conference (GECCO), etc.

  The objetive of the INGENET is to set up a network of expertise in the field of GA and ES permitting universities, research labs, and industry to promote collaboration, to coordinate efforts in the development and validation of methodologies, tools, and experience in Europe involving GA & ES.

  The aim of the World Federation on Soft Computing would be to promote 'Soft Computing' across the world. The Federation wills promote all other organizations in this area and will evangelize the concept of 'virtual discussion and publishing'. In the future this Federation intend to publish an online journal in collaboration wit h a publisher.