Capacitated VRP with Time Windows Instances

The best known solutions for most of these benchmarks can be found here.


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  • Vehicles with capacity equal to 100 (T1 60 files, T2 60 files)


The structure of these files is described here.


The structure of these files is described here.


The orginal 56 Vehicle Routing Problems with Time Windows (VRPTW) instances designed by Prof. Marius M. Solomon in 1983 contain 100 customers. Here, a large set of new instances with 200, 400, 600, 800 and 1000 customers is presented. Description of the extended SOLOMON’s instances is specified here.

These instances are divided into three categories : C-type (clustered customers), R-type (uniformly distributed customers) and RC-type (a mix of R and C types); and we have instances of 200, 400, 600, 800 and 1000 customers for each category.

Customers Type C1 Type C2 Type R1 Type R2 Type RC1 Type RC2
200 S-C1-200 S-C2-200 S-R1-200 S-R2-200 S-RC1-200 S-RC2-200
400 S-C1-400 S-C2-400 S-R1-400 S-R2-400 S-RC1-400 S-RC2-400
600 S-C1-600 S-C2-600 S-R1-600 S-R2-600 S-RC1-600 S-RC2-600
800 S-C1-800 S-C2-800 S-R1-800 S-R2-800 S-RC1-800 S-RC2-800
1000 S-C1-1000 S-C2-1000 S-R1-1000 S-R2-1000 S-RC1-1000 S-RC2-1000

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The set of instances of Russell is composed of two real-world instances, and it was originally proposed in [Russell 1995].

The best-known solutions for this benchmark are published in [Mester & Bräysy 2005].