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Computer Engineer by the University of Malaga and currently completing doctoral studies. Researcher specialized in the intelligent city fields, artificial intelligence and algorithms. And extensive experience working in international teams.


2014 - 2016 Master’s degree in COMPUTER ENGINEERING
University of Málaga

It is designed with a clear professional orientation, thinking in the practice of Computer Engineering in companies and institutions. This title qualifies for the profession of Computer Engineering, focusing on the integration of technologies, applications, services and systems, and paying special attention to project management, teams and organizations in the context of ICT.

2010 - 2014 Bachelor of Computer Science Engineering
University of Málaga

This degree programme will train you as a Computer Science Engineer. Companies' demand in computer assistance has increased quantitatively and qualitatively, recruiting professionals with full mastery in computing. Within this Bachelor's programme, you will be able to specialise in the following disciplines: Computing, Information Systems, and Information Technology. These specialties will allow you to choose whichever Computer-related discimpline interests you most. If you like new tecnologies and the world of computing you are the ideal candidate.


Christian Cintrano and Enrique Alba

"Genetic Algorithms Running into Portable Devices: A First Approach", Advances in Artificial Intelligence, pages 383–393. Springer International Publishing, Cham, 2016.


Nowadays, smartphones and tablets are essential parts of our daily life. In research, lines of work in advanced algorithms are always wanted to explore the advantages and difficulties of new computing platforms. As an obvious combination of these two facts, analyzing the performance of intelligent algorithms (such as metaheuristics) on these portable devices is both interesting for science and for building new high-impact apps. Thus, we here design and evaluate a genetic algorithm executed over two kinds of portable devices (smartphone and tablet), as well as we compare its results versus a traditional desktop platform. Among several contributions, we mathematically model the running time to analyze the numerical performance of the three devices. Also, we identify weak and strong issues when running an intelligent algorithm on portable devices, showing that efficiency and accuracy can also come out of such computing limited systems.

Full Text:
Christian Cintrano, Daniel H Stolfi, Jamal Toutouh, Francisco Chicano, and Enrique Alba

"CTPATH: A Real World System to Enable Green Transportation by Optimizing Environmentaly Friendly Routing Paths", pages 63–75. Springer International Publishing, Cham, 2016.


Road transportation is becoming a major concern in modern cities. The growth of the number of vehicles is provoking an important increment of pollution and greenhouse gas emissions generated by road traffic. In this paper, we present CTPATH, an innovative smart mobility software system that offers efficient paths to drivers in terms of travel time and greenhouse gas emissions. In order to obtain accurate results, CTPATH computes these paths taking into account the layout and habits in the city and real-time road traffic data. It offers customized paths to drivers (including personal profiles) in a distributed and intelligent way so as to consider the whole city situation.

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Work Experience

November 2015 - Now

PHD Student

Support for predoctoral contract (grant TIN2014-57341-R) to the national research project moveON

Technical Support to Research

Support for research on the project MaxCT

April 2015 - October 2015

September 2014 - March 2015

Software Developer

Collaboration with private company Guadaltel for developing new functionalities of a tourism-oriented information system for complementary offer recommendations. Web application development with technologies such as Java, HTML5, CSS 3, AngularJS and MongoDB.

Practicum Student

Athento: Smart Document Management

March 2014 - May 2014


WEB DESIGNER 35% Complete (success)


JAVA SCRIPT 35% Complete (success)


CSS 35% Complete (success)


HTML 35% Complete (success)


GRAPHIC DESIGN 35% Complete (success)




Native or bilingual proficiency


Limited working proficiency


Elementary proficiency



  • Bulevar Louis Pasteur, 35. Campus de Teatinos. Escuela Técnica Superior de Ing. Informática Lab. 3.3.4, Málaga (Spain).

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