Capacitated VRP Instances

Instances available described by different authors for CVRP (structure of files).

The best known solutions for most of these benchmarks can be found here.

Augerat et al.

Three different sets; all of them for CVRP (files format).


Click here to see the structure of Breedam files.

New best solutions for Breedam’s benchmark

Christofides and Eilon

There are 15 different instances for CVRP problem with number of customers between 13 and 101 and different number of vehicles (files format).


Just three instances, with 45 customers and 4 vehicles, 72 customers and 4 vehicles, and 135 customers to serve with 7 vehicles (files format).

Christofides, Mingozzi and Toth

This set of data files (structure here) are the 14 test problems from Chapter 11 of N.Christofides, A.Mingozzi, P.Toth and C.Sandi (eds) “Combinatorial optimization”, John Wiley, Chichester 1979.

Rinaldi and Yarrow

This is an unique instance with 48 customers and vehicles with capacity of 15.


Taillard proposes 12 instances in his benchmark (files format), using from 75 to 385 customers.

New best solutions for Taillard’s benchmark

Golden, Wasil, Kelly and Chao

This benchmark is composed of 20 large-scale instances for the VRP (files format), using from 200 customers to 480. Some instances have restrictions on the maximum length of every route. The best solutions for these instances can be found in Prins’ paper (thanks to Prins for providing these instances).

New best solutions for the benchmark of Golden et al.

Converted TSPLIB Problems

Some instances translated from TSPLIB (files format).