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Dr. Javier Ferrer

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Dr. Javier Ferrer is a research associate at University of Málaga. He has received his PhD in Computer Science at the beginning of 2016. Previously, he recieved his 5-Year Combined Bachelor's and Master's Engineering Degree. He obtained two postgraduate MS degrees: Master in Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence and Master in Education'' by University of Málaga.

Dr. Ferrer has participated in several research projects and has coauthored a total of 25 scientific publications in journals and conference proceedings. He has participated in the organization of national and international conferences and program committees. Most of his research are mainly related to the application of optimization techniques to software engineering, known as search based software engineering (SBSE). Actually, he belongs to the Spanish excellence network of search SBSE called SEBASENet. Currently his main research line is focused on the application of optimization and search techniques to smart cities.


email Email: ferrer@lcc.uma.es
address Address: E.T.S. Ingeniería Informática Lab 3.3.4
University of Malaga
Bulevar Louis Pasteur 35
phone Phone: +34 952 133303
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