Introduction to our work

This section summarizes the work carried out by NEO research group at University of Malaga in the field of VANETs. We address different problems related to VANETs development working in different projects, CARLINK , DIRICOM, and roadME. As the result of our work we heve disseminated the results in several international publications.

The main topics treated are the next ones:

  • Wireless access technology: Nowadays there are several wireless access technologies that could be used to deploy VANETs. In general, the research community is working on the specification of a set of air interface protocols and the parameters for high-speed nodes (vehicles) communication using available media. Most efforts are focusing on two different technologies: IEEE 802.11 based and cellular technologies. We have tested several IEEE 802.11 technologies in order to analize their performance in VANETs.
  • Routing strategies: The performance of MANET routing protocols have improved quite a lot during the last years appearing several specialized approaches. Unfortunately, in case of vehicular networks certain characteristics make most of these protocols unsuitable. We have optimized MANETs routing protocols in order to fit them to VANETs. 
  • VANET simulation: Testing the impact of VANET applications before their deployment is an important issue. Nowadays, simulation seems to be the most feasible solution for this purpose, however it requires the modeling of driver behavior in different context, such as an accident, apart from wireless ad hoc communication as close as possible to the real world. We have analized different VANET simulators defining a reliable framework to simulate VANETs.
  • Information exchange: VANET applications require information exchange continuously, thus finding an optimal information exchange technique is critical in this kind of networks. We have deployed a peer-to-peer file transfer protocol called VDTP (Vehicular Data Transfer Protocol).
  • Optimization: The need of using optimized protocols is important in all kinds of networks. However, in VANETs is crucial since the communications are likely to fail due to the hostile communication medium.
  • Applications: We cannot find a lot of applications developed for such networks. We deploy some VANETs applications.