VanetMobiSim/Ns-2 Simulator

The simulator used for most of the simulations in CARLINK is the combination of the traffic simulator VanetMobiSim and the network simulator ns-2.

VANET simulator based on coupling VanetMobiSim (traffic simulator) and ns-2.VanetMobiSim/Ns-2 VANET simulator based on coupling VanetMobiSim (traffic simulator) and ns-2.

VanetMobiSim is an extension to CanuMobiSim, a generic user mobility simulator. CanuMobiSim provides an efficient and easily extensible mobility architecture, but due to its general purpose nature, it suffers from a reduced level of detail in specific scenarios. VanetMobiSim is therefore aimed at extending the vehicular mobility support of CanuMobiSim to a higher degree of realism. The main characteristics of this simulator are that it is specific for VANETs and an open source platform; it supports both macro-mobility and micro-mobility specification; and it uses intuitive XML code to specify the different simulations. However, the most important feature of VanetMobiSim is that it has been validated in actual communication scenarios. Its main drawback is that it offers a poor documentation.

ns-2 is an open source network simulator, so it is freely available and the user is able to modify the source code (C++ and OTcl). This characteristic is really important, since it has allowed us to extend the simulator with several protocols. It provides a packet level simulation over a lot of protocols, supporting several transport protocols, several forms of multicast, wired networking, several ad-hoc routing protocols and propagation models, data broadcasting, satellite, etc. It incorporates different traffic generators as web, telnet, CBR (constant bit rate generator), etc. for using them in the simulations. Also, ns-2 has the possibility of using mobile nodes. The mobility of these nodes may be specified either directly in the simulation file or by using a mobility trace file. In our case, the trace file is generated by VanetMobiSim. Finally, other important feature is that it incorporates several add-ons as the visualisation tools NAM (Network Animator) and TraceGraph.

Here you can find some examples to download.

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