Quantum Computer Simulator Repository

Happy to announce the release of Ψ-Rep: a repository for quantum computer simulators. It is based on a previously published work of NEO members: Zakaria Abdelmoiz DAHI, Enrique Alba, Francisco Chicano, Gabriel Luque and Rodrigo Gil-Merino. The goal is to provide an archive keeping track of advances in the field and assisting practitioners Read more…

NEO Paper in GECCO’23 Conference

Francisco Chicano, Zakaria Abdelmoiz DAHI and Gabriel Luque, members of the NEO research group have been accepted a paper on quantum computing titled “An Efficient QAOA via a Polynomial QPU-Needless Approach” in the second edition of the workshop on Quantum Optimisation within the prestigious Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO) in Lisbon Read more…

NEO Team Presenting at OLA’23

Zakaria Abdelmoiz DAHI, a researcher member of the NEO research group has presented, during the International Conference in Optimization and Learning (published by Springer), a work he has made jointly with José Ángel Morell Martínez, Francisco Chicano, Gabriel Luque and Enrique Alba: “Time Series Forecasting for Parking Occupancy: Case Study of Malaga and Birmingham Cities”.

Quantum Artificial Intelligence Course

The NEO members Zakaria Abdelmoiz DAHI, Francisco Chicano, Gabriel Luque from the University of Malaga and their collaborator Rodrigo Gil-Merino y Rubio from the UNIR are teaching a course on quantum artificial intelligence within the General Fundation of the University of Malaga (FGUMA) from February to June 2022.

NEO Papers Accepted in CAEPIA

10 scientific works of the NEO group have been accepted in the 19th edition of the Conference of the Spanish Association of Artificial Intelligence (CAEPIA). Here is a pick of some of them: A Survey on Quantum Computer Simulators: Zakaria Abdelmoiz Dahi, Enrique Alba, Rodrigo Gil-Merino, Francisco Chicano and Gabriel Read more…